Privacy policy

In, and then enacted to deal with the following personal information like your website users to obtain through the home page website management company of contractors (subcontractors below), and (believed) Kojex International Inc..

Compliance with laws and regulations.
We will deal with important personal information of the person who uses your website. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and internal regulations, such as on the protection of personal information.
Purpose of use
The Company will use the following purposes: as long as the users' personal information after you get through the home page.
  • For the collection of information necessary to answer to contact
Get adequate
Company to obtain an act of false or fraudulent, your personal information will not be an available website.
To be provided to a third party
Company to provide personal information to third parties who obtained from our website available except in the following cases will not.
  • If you want to provide a note to a company that obtained in advance from customers who use our website.
  • If laws and regulations.
  • In the case of the human body if life-threatening, it is difficult to obtain the consent of our website and who still available.
  • If you are a case it is especially necessary for promoting the sound growth of children, or improvement of public health, it is difficult to obtain the consent of our website and who still available.
  • Cases in which the need to cooperate to carry out the affairs that the person who has been entrusted with or prescribed by laws and regulations, or local governments, national institutions, like the person by obtaining the consent of the website available If there is a risk of causing a hindrance to the performance of duties.
Disclosure, correction, deletion
The Company will endeavor to manage personal information accurate and up-to-date state. In addition, when asked to disclose personal information held by contractors is available from our website who will be promptly disclosed in accordance with prescribed procedures. As a result, I will delete or correct promptly any chance if there is incorrect information.
Safety management
Our Disclosure of personal information handling, and take the necessary and appropriate measures for safety management of the prevention of damage for loss of or.
Education and supervision of staff
The Company, which dealt with the staff to hit the personal information, as well as to conduct ongoing employee training to be promoted to manage the security of personal information, make the appropriate supervision.
Supervision of contractors
We are all of the handling of personal information, or if you want to entrust part, perform the necessary and appropriate supervision for their safety management of personal information that was entrusted with the handling will be promoted, has been entrusted with.
Complaint management
Our complaints about the handling of personal information, we will respond appropriately and promptly.


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